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Donna Diaz


(Arranged & Managed by MAO ICT Dept.)


In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Peace & Blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Mohammed. (Salallahu alayhi wasalam)

Portfolio of staff: Donna Diaz

Country of birth: USA

Country of origin: USA

Education: USA

Professional Qualification:

Position: Head of Primary English Department.

Work Experience at MAO:

Portal Address: www.maoschool.com/LoveAllahWithAllMyHeart/StaffPortals/Donna/1.html  


Donna worked with M.A.O School as Head of English - Primary School Section. She is a good teacher and we wish her best in future.


Contributed By:

Abdulla Ahmad (Principal MAO)

S. Ahmad (Head of ICT)

Haifa Abdul Latif (Head of Primary)

Adil Sinam (Deputy Head of Primary)

Bushra (ADM Team – Primary)


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