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Jeffery Oberlin

Sep 2008  - June 2013

(Arranged & Managed by MAO ICT Dept.)


In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Peace & Blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Mohammed. (Salallahu alayhi wasalam)

Portfolio of staff: Jeffery Oberlin

Country of birth: USA

Country of origin: USA

Education: USA

Professional Qualification: Licensed Teacher - USA

Position: Primary English / Maths Teacher.

Work Experience at MAO: Sep 2008 to June 2013.

Portal Address: www.maoschool.com/LoveAllahWithAllMyHeart/StaffPortals/Jeff/1.html


Jeff is an excellent teacher and liked by everybody at school. Many of his children considered him as their favorite teacher. He is always ready to help his students, friends and colleagues with a smile.


Jeff has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate.  


MAO wanted him to stay for another two-years but he decides to leave for good to USA. He will be missed by all his students and colleagues. We wish him and his family all the very best in future.


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Abdulla Ahmad (Principal MAO)

S. Ahmad (Head of ICT)

Haifa Abdul Latif (Head of Primary)

Adil Sinam (Deputy Head of Primary)

Bushra (ADM Team – Primary)


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