Secondary School

British Education blended with Yemeni Traditions.


Abdul Karim

       Head of Secondary School.

       Secondary School Timings: 7:20am to 2:15pm

     IGCSE & (*12A) AS & (*12B) A2.   


     Secondary Supervisors:

     Mr. Jalal  and  Mr.Abdulla.

      (Note: School opens every day from 7:30a to 2:10p except Thursday and Friday).

      You can visit my office Sat-Wed from 9am to 1pm.



Assessment: IGCSE & (*12A) AS & (*12B) A2.

(We follow English National Curriculum of England)

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First Day at School!


We provide British Education blended with Yemeni Traditions. At M.A.O we care take care of

your children as our own. M.A.O  a caring school in the heart of Yemen.

Contact Us


M.A.O Int'l School, Camp street, Taiz, Yemen.  

Tel: ++967-4-223-671.    

Fax: ++967-4- 211-495.





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